luni, 7 decembrie 2015

After 2 months since...

After 2 months since youth exchange completion, we have asked the participants to continue the phrase below:

"After two months since Entrepreneurial Ideas, I feel...".

Let's see, what have they replied:

Merve, Turkey: 
"After two months since Entrepreneurial Ideas, I feel like miss those days.
I took before EU project.. And it was really best one.. 
I miss everybody , I miss every night get together with all people , 
I miss gossip box,  I miss all trips ,I miss Eforie Nord, I miss Pezo Cafe, 
I miss even all stupid jokes about Radu ! 

What a suprise for me. Everybody visiting each others! It was unexpected for me .. But we became really good friends.. 
People are so kind and easygoing.. 
I can think easly visit one of them.. I think it's about success of project..
Thanks again and again.. "

Andreea, Romania:
"After 2 months since Entrepreneurial Ideas i feel like i want too meet a lot of people and to go every month in a project."

Roxana, Romania:
"After two months since Entrepreneurial Ideas, I feel more confident about the idea of having my own business.During the exchange I had the chance to learn more about entrepreneurship and now I think that I have some useful knowledge  about how to make it work."

Tomek, Poland:
"Hmm, after two months since Entrepreneurial Ideas  I feel sad. I feel sad because my great time in Romania is over. I've met a lot of interesting people in Eforie Nord and also was able to learn a lot by taking part in this educational project.  The only one thing which make me little bit happier is this one: with some people from this Entrepreneurial Ideas I am still contacting, maybe I will meet some of them in Poland or in other countries. 
Of course now I have my "own" life in Poland, I have friends in my country, I have studies, etc. But something is missing. Entrepreneurial Ideas is missing. 

I have no point in glorify this project. I got my money back, got certificate, etc. And my project is over. So I can be sincere, say advantages and disadvantages of this project as well. Ok, this project is *****, *****, ****, I  just wish I would never take part in this project. It was totally loss of time... Of course I am joking :)   It's hard to find any disadvantages of the project.  I think it was well organisated and engaging.  

E  - Ellada 
N - New Ideas
T- Turkey
R - Romania
E - Espania 
P - Poland 
R -  Results
E - Equality
N - New friends
E - Eforie Nord 
U - Unity 
R - Results
I - Italy
A - Apreciation
L - Liberty

I - 
D - 
E - 
A - 

I've lost my luck to finish "Ideas" :) 
Take care and thanks for everything. Best wishes for all.:)"

luni, 23 noiembrie 2015

Youth Exchange Diary - Entrepreneurial Ideas

One of the things that is the most worth it during this kind of projects is the memories we build in those days. Our sweetest souvenirs, memories come alive when we get to watch the photos and movies that somehow make us relive those moments. It also happens that we start to call and text each other and this is how we find ourselves stuck on Skype for hours, chatting about our memories!

Here are some of these souvenirs:

It’s always a pleasure to watch passionate people presenting their business idea in which they truly believe and love. In the next videos you can see only one small part from our business ideas competition, called Lions Arena (Video 1, Video 2).

Also, it has been facilitated intercultural exchange, exchanging ideas, sustaining dialogue; organized tasks so that each participant had the opportunity to come into contact with a different culture.
Knowledge and understanding of diversity, resulted from involvement in the planned activities, has contributed to increase tolerance and openness towards exchanges and intercultural dialogue.
Do you want to see some of our key actions, activities and energizers implemented during the youth exchange?

Last day of the project usually comes along with a lot of hugs and promises that the participants will find a way to meet again, no matter in which country.  As a reminder of how important interculturality, and friendship are, the participants had part of a big surprise at the end of the project:in  the room where they have spent 10 days together, they found pictures hang all over the place; pictures depicting the celebration of friendship and interculturality.

Watch the video to see one more surprise they had: One more surprise!

miercuri, 18 noiembrie 2015

Euforia Farm

Project : Entrepreneurial Ideas
Action : Social Business, Business Plan
Team 8: Stoica Ileana - Romania
  • Catela Anastasia - Greece
  • Wardzińska Marta - Poland
  • Basik Adam - Poland
  • Nutu Mihai - Romania
  • Dąbrowski Damian – Poland

Our business is a social business, which is in a form of a farm producing products and selling them to the market.
The social impact is hiring poor people, mostly unemployed or homeless, and pay them the minimum wage and we give them products from the farm, for themselves and their families.
The name is «Euforia Farm» which has a double meaning.
It is an Ancient Greek word that means fertile ground and the other meaning is an emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being, elation, happiness, excitement and joy.

Marketing Strategy
In our Marketing Strategy we analyzed the 4Ps.

1. Place
The place will be Eforie Nord, Romania.
The place has been selected for three basic reasons.
First of all, there are many poor people in the area, which reveals the great social impact that out social business would have. Moreover, there are many available fields and this could be a significant matter for the expansion of the farm. Finally, the region of Eforie Nord is cheap and we can set our business easier.

2. Products
Euforia Farm will produce entirely bio products divided into four main categories. The weather conditions are generally cold, and that’s why we’ve chosen to produce product that can grow or be made in the area.
• Vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, onions, carrots, potatoes.
• Trees: peach trees, apple trees.
• Animals: pigs, sheep, chicken, goats (for meat).
• Other Products: goat milk, sheep milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, sheep wool.

3. Promotion
The promotion of our products and services will be made in many ways.
Firstly, we will organize study visits from schools in which we will educate children on growing vegetables and animals. We will set supermarket stands where consumers can taste our products and also advertise the company and the products using the social media, as well as announcement on the local newspaper for free.
Finally, we are going to organize an annual event, where people can taste our products as well as meet the people who work in the company. There also will be a charity box for those who want to help them regardless of their salary.

4. Price
Τhe price of the products sold in the market will be a little more expensive than the common products because it is for a social cause.
We decided to price our products 10% higher than the similar ones in the market.

Our sales plan is to sell our products in supermarkets and at the local open market.
We will use paper bags with our logo on it, in order to be recognizable.
We plan also to have some special stands at the supermarkets where people can taste out bio products and then choose them in contrast to other brands.
Finally, we will have special offers for restaurants and of course great discounts for our regular customers in the form of coupons.

Gantt Graphic
The activities start in February. The first activity is buying the seeds, the trees and the animals.
February, March and April are the months for planting the trees and the seeds for vegetables.
The months that the vegetables grown at the farm will generate an income for the farm are June to August.
The fruits will generate an income in autumn, and the other products like milk, cheese, butter and eggs will generate a small income throughout the year.
In the first year the farm will be able to sell meat and living animals starting from November that will be the moment when the business will start to grow.

Working on the flipchart presentation…

Our entire team with the project organizers! Euforia Farm!

marți, 17 noiembrie 2015

Happy Babis´s House

María Carretero, Babis Karypidis, Fatih Yilmaz, Olga Spiewak and Anna Savvidou.

- Definition: Place where parents can leave their children while they are working or have something very important to do. When they are free, take their children to home.
- Slogan: “If you want your children be happy like a mouse, take them to Happy Babis´s House”.

- Social networks: Our own website, facebook page, instagram, twitter.
- Pumplhets in shops, schools…
- Billboards in roads ans streets.
- Posters in many places ( most important schools)
- Advertisement on radio and TV.

- Employers: we offer people who has a education´s degree and health´s degree (teachers, doctors).
- Services: activities room , big bedrooms ( with beds and cradles for babys), bathrooms, playground, people who look after kids and take them outside for a walk, people who takes kids from “Happy Babis´s House” to their home.

luni, 16 noiembrie 2015


Our business plan is called “BORROWED” or “BLABLATHINGS”.
It is about share the things you don’t usually use to other people who need and don’t want to buy it. Maybe because they are going to use it just one time or because it is expensive.

We create a website and people have to subscribe. They have a profile and they put the things that they can share and the things they need.

People don’t have to pay anything for let borrowed or have the things that other people habe borrowed you.

We will earn money because in the website there are some advertisements.

duminică, 15 noiembrie 2015

Solidarity Without Borders

Our team members are: Roberto Rodriguez Álvaro, Óscar Toledano Flores, Celia Sanz Villazán, Alessandro Martinazzoli and Giorgos Tsakalos. Our business plan, Solidarity Without Borders, consists in an association responsible for processing and handling economics resources (obtained from the government and from private donations) in order to provide Syrian refugees with first aids when they arrive to Europe.

Our job, once the refugees have been received and welcomed, consists in provide them a place to live by the next way: we will connect the refugees with old European people who live alone and need company or someone who help them. In this way, the old peoples will feel more comfortable and the refugees will have a temporary job and a place to live, and this will help them to integrate better in the society.

We have two main ways to obtain money for this business. The first one, from the government, who would have to support our idea, and from private donations (NGO’s, associations, anonymous donations...).

We will advertise our business in different ways:

Radio and TV
Flyers and advertisements in senior citizens day centres (or places like that)
Police offices (to inform to refugees when they arrive).