miercuri, 30 septembrie 2015

Hosting organisation

“Initiative Sociale” Association is a NGO that has been created in July 2012 from the founders wish to produce changes in youth mentalities and to motivate the young generation to cooperate for a better society and to motivate them in taking initiative.

"Initiative Sociale" is an association of young people and its mission is to promote and implement non-formal programs for the young generation.

It founders are dynamic and ambitious young people, from different academic backgrounds.

Two of them are also certified as Trainers in Social Entrepreneurship and have all necessary information regarding the conception of a business plan. They also have a vast experience regarding participation in international projects.

Our objectives and mission are to create and develop national and international youth exchanges, programs to promote European partnership among young people, professional development of European standards and practice, to organize summer schools and conferences to promote social initiatives among young people, to create and develop different programs regarding orientation and professional counseling.

We would also like to implement activities that can generate capital and jobs for young people, to create and develop project for community development, especially for rural community development and to create and develop projects for the European Voluntary Service.

We would also like to concentrate on promoting social economy and social entrepreneurship; we would like to offer support and provide technical assistance to young people who want to start a business, especially the social businesses initiatives. Also, we would like to provide support in creation and development of programs for democracy among young people and will promote the concept of Active European Citizenship.

Another objective is to create partnerships with private companies, NGOs and public institutions to create projects for community and social initiatives among young people.

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