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After 2 months since...

After 2 months since youth exchange completion, we have asked the participants to continue the phrase below:

"After two months since Entrepreneurial Ideas, I feel...".

Let's see, what have they replied:

Merve, Turkey: 
"After two months since Entrepreneurial Ideas, I feel like miss those days.
I took before EU project.. And it was really best one.. 
I miss everybody , I miss every night get together with all people , 
I miss gossip box,  I miss all trips ,I miss Eforie Nord, I miss Pezo Cafe, 
I miss even all stupid jokes about Radu ! 

What a suprise for me. Everybody visiting each others! It was unexpected for me .. But we became really good friends.. 
People are so kind and easygoing.. 
I can think easly visit one of them.. I think it's about success of project..
Thanks again and again.. "

Andreea, Romania:
"After 2 months since Entrepreneurial Ideas i feel like i want too meet a lot of people and to go every month in a project."

Roxana, Romania:
"After two months since Entrepreneurial Ideas, I feel more confident about the idea of having my own business.During the exchange I had the chance to learn more about entrepreneurship and now I think that I have some useful knowledge  about how to make it work."

Tomek, Poland:
"Hmm, after two months since Entrepreneurial Ideas  I feel sad. I feel sad because my great time in Romania is over. I've met a lot of interesting people in Eforie Nord and also was able to learn a lot by taking part in this educational project.  The only one thing which make me little bit happier is this one: with some people from this Entrepreneurial Ideas I am still contacting, maybe I will meet some of them in Poland or in other countries. 
Of course now I have my "own" life in Poland, I have friends in my country, I have studies, etc. But something is missing. Entrepreneurial Ideas is missing. 

I have no point in glorify this project. I got my money back, got certificate, etc. And my project is over. So I can be sincere, say advantages and disadvantages of this project as well. Ok, this project is *****, *****, ****, I  just wish I would never take part in this project. It was totally loss of time... Of course I am joking :)   It's hard to find any disadvantages of the project.  I think it was well organisated and engaging.  

E  - Ellada 
N - New Ideas
T- Turkey
R - Romania
E - Espania 
P - Poland 
R -  Results
E - Equality
N - New friends
E - Eforie Nord 
U - Unity 
R - Results
I - Italy
A - Apreciation
L - Liberty

I - 
D - 
E - 
A - 

I've lost my luck to finish "Ideas" :) 
Take care and thanks for everything. Best wishes for all.:)"

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