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Youth Exchange Diary - Entrepreneurial Ideas

One of the things that is the most worth it during this kind of projects is the memories we build in those days. Our sweetest souvenirs, memories come alive when we get to watch the photos and movies that somehow make us relive those moments. It also happens that we start to call and text each other and this is how we find ourselves stuck on Skype for hours, chatting about our memories!

Here are some of these souvenirs:

It’s always a pleasure to watch passionate people presenting their business idea in which they truly believe and love. In the next videos you can see only one small part from our business ideas competition, called Lions Arena (Video 1, Video 2).

Also, it has been facilitated intercultural exchange, exchanging ideas, sustaining dialogue; organized tasks so that each participant had the opportunity to come into contact with a different culture.
Knowledge and understanding of diversity, resulted from involvement in the planned activities, has contributed to increase tolerance and openness towards exchanges and intercultural dialogue.
Do you want to see some of our key actions, activities and energizers implemented during the youth exchange?

Last day of the project usually comes along with a lot of hugs and promises that the participants will find a way to meet again, no matter in which country.  As a reminder of how important interculturality, and friendship are, the participants had part of a big surprise at the end of the project:in  the room where they have spent 10 days together, they found pictures hang all over the place; pictures depicting the celebration of friendship and interculturality.

Watch the video to see one more surprise they had: One more surprise!

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