duminică, 8 noiembrie 2015

What a business plan should be...?

During the first days of the project, beside of getting to know each other & group cohesion activities, the participants got the chance to exchange their knowledge about what a business plan should be, which are the main departements of every successful business and how they work, the qualities of an accomplished entrepreneur, but they also managed to discover which are the steps and the rules that should be followed in order to bring to life their ideas of a start-up business. 

In the last days, the participants were diveded into teams and they reached the top of the learning process by developing their own ideas and creating a proper business plan for them.

After working enthusiastically for their companies, they got one last challenge: to convince the "investors" that their ideas are worthy of their attention. 

The teams had 5-8 minutes to present their ideas and due to really great job they did, all the business plans were financed.

(to be continued...)

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