sâmbătă, 14 noiembrie 2015

The Green Latern Gym

This business idea is about doing sports, sell energy and being green at the same time. It is a gym who produces energy. Also, because is an original idea, they could  have a lot of sponsors, maybe invite some celebrities in order to grab customers attention. They could work out for a healthier life and produce energy at the same time. They were thinking about making green energy from cycling with local people.
The plan is to find sponsors for the first 10 bicycles and local people will ride them.They tought about the coin system, they will give to people an ATM Card.

The business plan seen through the participant's eyes: "Our project was make a green energy from bicycle with local people.
Our plan was find sponsors for first 10 bicycles and local people will ride bicycles..
We thought about coin system we will give to people an ATM card who use ride a bicycle.
For example one person riding bicycle over 20 mins and person will earn money for 20 mins.
I mean person make an energy and we will save this energy and sell it to government.
At the same time we will give them as money who use ride a bicycle.
We are giving ATM card because they should continue ride a bicycle.
They can take them cash money when collect min.100 Lei in ATM Card.

In this project our goals :
- People can be healthy by ride a bicycle
- People make a green energy for green world
- People can earn money by doing this."

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