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Some of our activities...

The activities planned during this youth exchange included, exclusively, non-formal methods; the aims were to facilitate the process of interconectivity, to activate motivation and creativity, to support the process of decision making and contribution with new ideas, encouraging freedom of expression and tolerance among participants.
All these methods facilitate the learning process and support the development of entrepreneurship competences, the integration and assimilation of the project results and cooperation among young people. The involvement of young people in these activities help them to develop personal and social competences, and also competences for teamwork.
The non-formal methods proposed during the project activities had the objective to develop a participatory attitude, to support the process of refection, to promote tolerance, to support the integration of intercultural differences in the proces of creation and to support cooperation among young people.

Group building: Since team-builduing activities can be a powerful way to unite a group, but also to determine the participants to develop certain strengths, we implemented some of these in the first days of the mobility, as a first step to team-working. One of them consisted in working in 3 mixed teams; the task was to succeed into putting on the ground a plastic plate from a certain height by touching it with only one finger (all the participants of the team had to put a finger on the plate). After this stage, it was added a plastic glass of water on the top of the plate, making the task more challenging and more risky, so the team members were forced to collaborate even more and also to focus more. 

Erasmus+ presentation: There is always a good opportunity to discuss about the Erasmus+ Programme and what it can offer to us, since there is a big lack of information regarding this. That’s why we had a sepcific debate about the Programme, involving question & answers and some personal experiences from the participants, but also concrete information about it, like facts & figures. Therefore we discovered together the new opportunities of merging with other cultures, religions, countries, topics, etc.
We also discussed about the Youthpass certificate; what it means, what skills and competencies it validates and what are the benefits of having such a certificate.

Entrepreneurship concept seen through the participants eyes: During this activity, the participants had the chance to show the others their point of view regarding entrepreneurship. This activity was the very first step to discover this concept which was also the topic of our project. In order to make us understand their perspective on the topic, the participants were splitted in mixed teams and they prepared their presentations in 3 ways: theatre, panthomime and musical.

Insiders of the business world & Business trial period: During these workshops, each national team represented a certain department in a company, as following:
·         Romania: PR & Internal Comm,
·         Poland: HR,
·         Italy: Sales,
·         Spain: Operations,
·         Greece: Marketing,
·         Turkey: CEO.

During the 1st workshop (Insiders of the business world), each team  introduced us to the that specific department by presenting us some strategies, necessary skills and also a case study from their country with remarkable outcomes. On the other hand, during the second workshop (Business trial period), the groups came up with interesting, interactive ways to put into practice the information, the know-how from the first workshop.

Cultural tour & Observation of the entrepreneurial ideas in the local community: What way better to discover some entrepreneurial ideas than to interact directly with the locals? This activity took place in Constanta and it was a very good opportunity for the participants to discover what business do the Romanians there run and to find out more about them. More than being related to the concept of entrepreneurship, this activity was about exchanging ideas, good practices, experience. The time spent in Constanta offered the participants the chance to discover some historical places and to discover the city more.

AGORA (discussing about entrepreneurship concept into all the participating countries): Through this activity, the participants were meant to discover by doing the similarities and differences between entrepreneurial contexts in their countries. It was a matter of exchange of ideas&good practices, so we can all take what’s good in the other countries and be inspired or even try to implement it nationally. During this activity, the participants were asked to build the profile of the young entrepreneurs in their country; they debated for example about which are the domains where you can meet a lot of entrepreneurs or how are the public institutions or NGO’s supporting them and by which way.

Cultural nights: During the mobility, in order to support the intercultural exchange, each country prepared a cultural night. The participants prepared the program of these nights as they wished and in character with their cultural specifics. The program included a presentation of the country, a presentation of customs and traditions, traditional music and dances, traditional clothes, food and drinks

Parties: There is no secret that parties bring people together and make them more united. It’s something about the relaxing atmosphere that gives birth to interesting conversations & a lot of crazy dancing. During our project, we tried every time to create the perfect context to spend the evenings; the first night was all about chilling…some get to know each-other on the terrace, enjoying the perfect September weather. Later on, we had a thematic party, which happened to be a pijama party. At some point we enjoyed a movie night exactly like it should have been: popcorn, bean-bags, cozy clothes. And since every entrepreneur says yes to a lot of challenges, we also said yes to the “Challenge accepted” night, where for example, we had one of the Romanian participants teaching a salsa workshop.

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