duminică, 15 noiembrie 2015

Solidarity Without Borders

Our team members are: Roberto Rodriguez Álvaro, Óscar Toledano Flores, Celia Sanz Villazán, Alessandro Martinazzoli and Giorgos Tsakalos. Our business plan, Solidarity Without Borders, consists in an association responsible for processing and handling economics resources (obtained from the government and from private donations) in order to provide Syrian refugees with first aids when they arrive to Europe.

Our job, once the refugees have been received and welcomed, consists in provide them a place to live by the next way: we will connect the refugees with old European people who live alone and need company or someone who help them. In this way, the old peoples will feel more comfortable and the refugees will have a temporary job and a place to live, and this will help them to integrate better in the society.

We have two main ways to obtain money for this business. The first one, from the government, who would have to support our idea, and from private donations (NGO’s, associations, anonymous donations...).

We will advertise our business in different ways:

Radio and TV
Flyers and advertisements in senior citizens day centres (or places like that)
Police offices (to inform to refugees when they arrive).

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