miercuri, 11 noiembrie 2015

Another group idea of a business is called "Hopeville"

Hopeville is an abandoned little town and they are planning to bring it back to life by populating it with refugees.

The entrepreneurs estimated that the budget they need is around 13 million euros. This amount of money will be provided from sponsors, charity events and loans. 

They took into consideration the idea of talking to the local authorities about the abandoned houses, they might be used by the refugees and they could help in process of restoring them. The refugees will help the local and national economy, they will start their own busineeses and share their culture. After all these, they are going to pay us for helping them integrate in our society. This will also provide, at least in a small way, a solution for the refugee crisis in Europe. 

They are going to advertise their initiative in local newspapers, radio, using flyers and posters.

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