marți, 10 noiembrie 2015

Business idea of Free Group Activites

Business idea of Free Group Activites is easy, but need some introduction. 

If someone knows the idea of Free Walking Tours, it’s very similar.

Here, instead of organising city tours, they offer team buildings activities. Each member of the company offer organising team-building activities for people who are interested in this kind of activities. 

Let’s say Paul is student from Madrid and he comes to Bucharest. He don’t know nothing about the city and hasn’t a friend. He just wants to visit the city and enjoy the time. There are thousand of people like Paul.What Paul and others can do? Paul will call team building traineer (phone, ICQ, Facebook). Then the traineer chooses proper time of appointment, which is suited for all participants. Then activities starts. After activities the participants decide if traineer deserves payment or not. Traineer earn money by organising team building activities. Then he monthly pays fixed amount for our organisation.

For more info check out our sales and marketing strategies.

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